Implied Social Networks: People In the News with Rankings

As a follow up to this previous post with an image of the relationship between people mentioned in the news, I’ve been asked to provide more detail.

First, why bother at all?  Exploring the implied relationships may tell us about the individuals in question, but certainly provide more context to each of the other topics at hand.  This context not only provides additional understanding the of topic, but can also be a valuable research tool in quickly determining which other topics may impact the one at hand.

What are the relationships shown?  Shown are names occurring in the same news articles, which implies a relationship.  This relationship may a formal relationship, e.g. the working relationship of Bush (8) and Condoleezza Rice (10). Or, the individuals may be related to a common topic such as Michael Phelps (4) and Babe Ruth.

Following are the top 20 names, by centrality, and the number of different implied relationships for each.

People in the News (detail)
People in the News (detail)
  1. Barack Obama   1128
  2. John McCain 902
  3. Sarah Palin 405
  4. Michael Phelps 237
  5. Pervez Musharraf  95
  6. Kwame Kilpatrick  103
  7. Hillary Clinton   270
  8. Bush  158
  9. Joe Biden   218
  10. Condoleezza Rice  107
  11. Steve Jobs  160
  12. John Edwards   101
  13. Clark Rockefeller 69
  14. Britney Spears 122
  15. Brett Favre 65
  16. Bernie Mac  60
  17. Miley Cyrus 70
  18. Bill Clinton   148
  19. Anwar Ibrahim  34
  20. Stephenie Meyer   27

What’s the data set?  A random sampling of news sites including NYTimes, Google, Yahoo!, CNN, Drudge, and the like.

Is this an accurate reflection of news?  I am polling a number of the big news sites, so hopefully it’s not far off.

Any surprises? Miley Cyrus!

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