Urban Jungle

This flowering vine grew from the bottom of the fire escape railing to over the top in just days. The flowers are a brilliant purple, and close for the day once the sun is high.  Anyone know what it is?DSC_4262


+1 – Herding, Anchoring, and Asymmetric Reputation

Fantastic new podcast from Radar on reputation and ranking models, including Hilary Mason of bit.ly and Sean Taylor at NYU. The clear outcome is long-term social rankings are heavily and disproportionately affected by positive early votes.  This reinforces to me that the social structure of communication has a large impact on social norms.

Podcast: ratings, rankings, and the advantage of being born lucky.

Thanks to ghelleks for the pointer. He knows I <3 this stuff.

Top 4 Searches on HWKU

I accept the topics I post about can be rather eclectic.  However, I did not see this coming.  Presented without further ado, the top four searches leading readers to the site, according to WordPress:

  • transnational corporation network structure
  • tiny tiny rss reader api
  • number of brand conversation
  • 18-24 year old men demographics

I think doulingo is messing with me again.