Your podcast made me buy a new phone

I have an iPhone 6. It is not a happy phone. It is sad, angry, and generally disappointed to still be in commission and yearns to be put out on a ice flow. It generally expresses its displeasure by passive aggressively inventing remaining battery percentage, rebooting at whim, and pretending storage is full.
So, long preamble over, I was out for a jog this weekend. An embarrassingly rare occasion, and one I take to listen to podcasts. This run’s selection was the Dave and Gunnar Show with Bob St. Clair. And it was great! I was full of thoughtful humility, and smart dogged drive to be better at that ugly transition from individual contributor to leader of leaders. I’m a big fan of the show any way, and this was an exceptional episode. I’m glad I get to work with these three, even if we rarely cross paths. Thank you.
Needless to say, my phone crapped out just as I turned for the run back home.


Repairing the Crown

Should you ever have to repair a 1950-something Crown Range, they’ve done something smart. I had to figure it out, but it’s smart.

Philips head screws are for holding things together (like sides the over doors), and slotted screws are for attaching things onto other things (like hinges). They provided a clear visual signal about what things did. Makes me feel like whomever came up with this idea would have enjoyed data visualization.

And yes, I now have two working over door handles.