Wrestling with FriendSpam?

Every day 2009: 41% Email
Every day 2009: 41% Email

Please Facebook: give us filtering!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the increasing and sometimes overwhelming amount of data we are exposed to daily.  [Google: information-overload]

What happens when it’s from your friends?

I have several hundred friends across the social networks I use, and even with the short updates SN’s usually enforce, these can add up.  Combine that with updates internal to the SN (e.g. Bob just became friends with Sally), and I get enough information that if I were to process it all, it would really interfere with my day.  However, my inability to process it all reduces and limits the value I receive from SN’s.

There are companies looking into this, including Socialmedian.  If they figure it out before Facebook, Myspace, and friends do, expect Socialmedian to steal some serious thunder.

[2009 Email Photo: Will Lion; Friends photo Tavallai]