Deconstructing Delicious: Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann has a large set of public delicious tags, and I thought I’d take a stab at their interrelation.  By my measure of centrality, his top 20 are:

Merlin Mann's Delicious Tags
Merlin Mann's Delicious Tags
  1. 43folders
  2. domains
  3. tumble
  4. music
  5. sanfrancisco
  6. macosx
  7. flickr
  8. mbwideas
  9. gtd
  10. movies
  11. design
  12. tv
  13. selflink
  14. mac
  15. heh
  16. email
  17. productivity
  18. lifehacks
  19. the_man
  20. cigars

Why Merlin Mann you might ask?  Well, I like his work, and he has a walloping collection of tags.

Want your tags drawn and quartiled?  Leave a comment or drop me a line at…